Who am I ?

I am a 32 years old geek. Based in Lausanne, Switzerland with roots in Belgium. I studied computer science at the Free University of Brussels.

I am a security consultant for Seculabs SA in Switzerland. I’m also the founder of Badcode SPRL.
I am interested in lots of computer science things, especially (but not excluding anything and at no particular order):

  • Free software
  • Computer security/hacking (exploitation techniques, cryptography, reverse engineering, pentesting, …)
  • Coding (security, crypto, networks, other fun stuff)
  • Theory of compilation and fundamentals of computer science
  • Music (Guitar !)

I’m a member of the french-speaking teams Routards and Fourchette-bombe.

How to contact me

My email adress is aris@badcode.be. You can reach me on twitter on @aris_ada.
If your email is about libssh, please directly write to the libssh mailing list, so other contributors can answer as well. If you go at conferences, you’ve got a decent chance of meeting me at Brucon, Fosdem or Defcon. There is my Amazon wishlist.


I work part-time as a freelance, and am available to work on any topic related to security (pentest, audit, exploit writing, development, reverse engineering). You can reach me on Linkedin and twitter.I can provide commercial support for libssh, please contact me there for more details.