Here be dragons.

There has been three years since the last time I’ve posted on my blog.

This is not an incident. The two last years have have been particularly difficult for me. Family issues as well as work difficulties. I feel like two years have passed but too little happened. I never had that much stress at work, despite not really being overworked. Something was not right, I felt out of place. I understood a few months ago that my current position was not helping my overall goals and I was lacking motivation. I decided to leave and go back to my last known good backup: the company I created in 2014, Badcode SPRL, with which I started doing freelance security services. My motivation returned back and for once since a long time, I have hopes and expectations about my future.

Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope

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My new blog

Hi there !

After some solicitation from third parties (read: libssh developers), I finally installed a real blog to replace more or less my wiki-based website. I’m going to discuss some things about libssh development, thoughts about programming, networks, computer security and internet.

I’ll take the occasion to tell about the FOSDEM convention that took place this week-end. Awesome meeting of opensource developers, it was a great occasion to meet people, in particular Andreas which is a libssh developer as well. It’s also interesting to note that this is the fist time FOSDEM is connected to the IP world through BELNET (note: I work for BELNET). FOSDEM was connected to BELNET on IPv4 and IPv6 using fiber, and this bandwidth was distributed to users through WiFi access points distributed in the ULB campus. The bandwidth used peaked around 100 Mbit/s (a poor 1/10th of the available bandwidth) due to technical limitation of airwaves, but I’m sure the tech staff will find a solution for next year. Also interesting to note, an IPv4 was available for each participant (two /19 were allocated) and the IPv6/IPv4 enabled ratio was around 90%.

I’m looking forward for more good stuff next year !